Physics 110a, Mechanics 2008

Professor: Ken Intriligator
5551 Mayer Hall
Office Hours: after class,
or by appointment. 

Text: Classical Mechanics by John Taylor. (This and other possibly useful texts will be placed on reserve at the Library.) We will cover chapters 1 to 8, and chapter 11. (Chapters 9 and 10 will be covered in 110b.)

Course Times: Lecture: TTh 8:00a-9:20a, PETER 103.

Homework: Assigned weekly, due the following week, at the START of lecture.

Midterms: Tues. Oct. 14 and Thurs. Nov. 6, during the lecture time. Bring bluebooks.

Final: Tuesday Dec. 9, 8:00a-11:00a. No late or early final, check your schedule now!

Grading: Homework=20%, Midterm 1=15%, Midterm 2=25%, Final=40%. For any questions about the grading, contact our course grader: Miriam Graf, .

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Date Topics (and link to lecture notes) Homework
9/25 Introduction to dynamics            
9/30 Dynamics. Conservation of momentum, angular momentum, energy.  HW 1 (Due Oct. 7)           solutions
10/2 More on conservation laws, and energy.            
10/7 Oscillations   HW 2 (Due Oct. 14)           solutions
10/9 More on oscillations             
10/14 Midterm 1 (exam and solutions)            
10/16 Principle of least action. Other functionals  HW3 (Due Oct. 28)           solutions
10/21 Euler Lagrange equations. Applications. Examples.             
10/23 More on Euler Lagrange equations. Applications. Examples.             
10/28 Nother's theorem, conservation laws  HW 4 (due Nov. 6)           solutions
10/30 More conservation laws. More examples            
11/4 Constrained Systems. Examples.             
11/6 Midterm 2 (with solutions)            
11/11 Veteran's Day. No class.             
11/13 Central Forces  HW 5 (due Nov. 20)         solutions
11/18 Central Forces, cont.             
11/20 Central forces cont.             
11/25 Coupled oscillators   HW 6 (due Dec. 4)           solutions
12/2 Coupled oscillators cont.             
12/4 Hamiltonian Mechanics