Professor: Ken Intriligator
5234 Mayer Hall
Office Hours: Monday 1:30-3:00pm, and by appointment. 

TA:         Ben Pelletier,

Text: Physics, Fifth Edition, by Douglas Giancoli. This and other possibly useful texts will be placed on reserve at the Undergraduate Library. Also check Soft Reserves for lecture notes.

Discussion/Problem Session (Optional): Monday 12:20-1:10, Peterson 103, and Tuesday 11:10-12:10, Peterson 103. 

Homework is assigned weekly. Problem "1.15" means problem 15 in chapter 1, etc. The problems marked with a * are to be handed in on the Wednesday of the next week, at the start of the lecture. 

Midterm: Friday Oct. 26, during lecture. Bring to the midterm: 1 sheet (2 sides) of paper with whatever information you want, a calculator, some blue books. The midterm will be like the HW problems (maybe a little easier), and will cover the problems to the end of Ch. 5. Midterm solutions and histogram.

Lab: The lab will involve simple measurements to test energy conservation. The write-up will count toward your grade. The lab is in WLH 2216. Please turn in the lab write-up during lecture on, or before, Nov. 28. Feel free to turn it on at any lecture before then if you want to get it out of the way. 

Final: Wed,  Dec. 5, 11:30-2:30.    The final will be cumulative and some problems could combine ideas from different chapters. Bring to the final 2 sheets (4 sides) of (8.5 x 11'') paper with whatever information you want. No formulae will be provided (these go on your cheat sheet) but any numerical constants will be given (e.g. g = 9.8 m/s^2 etc.). The final will consist of problems and perhaps also some general conceptual questions, but no questions about history or names etc. THE FINAL WILL BE MULTIPLE CHOICE.What to bring to the final

Grading: Homework= 25%, Midterm=25%, Lab=10%, Final=40%.

Old Finals 

Solutions to the Final(new)

General information and rules        Last year's Physics 11a web site

Unit# Topics Homework
0 General Introduction (ch 1)  1.15,1.33, 1.38
1 Describing Motion (ch 2)  2.13, 2.21, 2.26, *2.44, *2.61
2 More motion, with vectors (ch 3)  3.16, 3.21, *3.22, 3.23, *3.36, *3.58
3 F=ma (ch 4)  *4.34, 4.35, *4.50, 4.55, *4.58, 4.61, *4.80
4 Gravity and orbits (ch 5)  5.7, 5.25, 5.29, 5.30, 5.41, 5.65, 5.69 
5 Work and Energy (ch 6)  problems solutions
6 Conservation of Momentum (sects. 7-1 to 7-7)  problems solutions
7 Relativity, intro to modern ideas (ch 26, but not sect. 26-2) problems solutions Turn in before 1pm Mon. Dec. 3 to KI's office MH5234 for extra credit.