Selected Research Highlights

Apology: this kind of self-promotion seems rather distasteful, and is included here solely for possible use by funding and / or review panels.

  • New methods / models for susy phenomenology (e.g. Fortin, Intriligator, Sergiou; Intriligator and Sudano)

  • Discovery of metastable susy breaking in susy gauge theories (Intriligator, Seiberg, Shih (ISS)) (More on the web)

  • Discovery of a-maximization (Intriligator and Wecht) (More on the web)

  • Geometric transition duality and new methods for exact superpotentials (Cachazo, Intriligator, Vafa (CIV)) (more on the web)

  • Discovery of "Bonus Symmetry" in N=4 super Yang Mills (Intriligator) (more on the web)

  • Discovery of 3d mirror symmetry (Intriligator and Seiberg) more on the web

  • Discovery of dynamical susy breaking via IR free duals (Intriligator, Seiberg, Shenker; Intriligator, Thomas)

  • Higher dimensional gauge theories and little string theory.

  • Discovery of new dualities in 4d susy gauge theories.

  • New methods/ tools for exact superpotentials in 4d susy gauge theories (Intriligator, Leigh, Seiberg).

  • Discovery of first example of a calculable, BPS state-counting index, and BPS wall crossing (Cecotti, Fendley, Intriligator, Vafa). (more on the web)

  • Integrability, exact S-matrices, and TBA in 2d susy RG flows (Fendley and Intriligator)

  • Quantum cohomology and connections to mathematics: Vafa-Intriligator formula, (more on the web)

  • Landau Ginzburg Orbifolds and connections to mathematics (Intriligator and Vafa).

  • Discovery of "Bonus Symmetry" (aka simple currents) in 2d CFT (Intriligator).more on the web.