Physics 2c, Fall 2014

Professor / Coach: Ken Intriligator
5234 Mayer Hall
Office Hours: Thursday, 2:00-3:30
Assistant coaches: Sridip Pal (Team Blue): email Sridip
Noam Terman (Team Red) email Noam

Blue team: average = 70.38%, stdev = 13.21%. (According to the formulae given in the syllabus link, the curve kicked in to help for those with C- grades or less.)

Red team: average = 67.90%, stdev = 14.36%.


Text: Custom edition (with only our class' chapters) for UCSD of University Physics by Young and Freedman (13th edition), available at the UCSD bookstore. It's a great book (an updated version of the classic by Sears and Zemansky), and I negotiated a pretty good price with the publisher. You can use another book or edition if you like, but it's then up to you to make sure that you do appropriately challenging homework exercises.

Lectures : M, Tu, W, and two Friday lectures (first lecture: Friday, Oct. 2; last lecture: Friday, Dec. 12).

"Team Red:" Lectures + quizzes: MWF 3:00-3:50, Tu 7:00-7:50 YORK 2722. Discussion: W 6:00-6:50 YORK 2622, Problem session: Thursday 8:00-P 8:50 P York 2622.

"Team Blue:"Lectures + quizzes: MWF 4:00-4:50, Tu 6:00-6:50 YORK 2722. Discussion: Tuesday: 8:00-P 8:50 P LEDDN AUD. Problem session: W 7:00-7:50 YORK 2722,

Attendance: You can decide for yourself which sessions you want to attend. Lectures are highly recommended, and will be pod-casted. Discussion and problem sessions are completely optional.

Homework: Exercises will be suggested, but do not count towards your grade. Do your exercises: they're good for your brain and essential for learning the material! Don't peek at the answers! Watching someone else exercise doesn't do much good; you need to do the exercises yourself.

Quizzes: There will be 8 quizzes, during the Friday lectures; your lowest 2 scores will be dropped. No make-up quizzes will be given, for any reason. Bring ID, scantron sheet (the red one, form X-101864-PAR-L), one 3 x 5 in. card (front and back) formula sheet. No calculators or electronic devices (to encourage human thinking skills). The last quiz is Friday, Dec 5. Last lecture is Friday Dec 12.

TED: Quiz and final scores, histograms, and grades will be posted on TED. There is no TED website for the class - only this one.

Thanksgiving Break: No lectures on Tues 11/25 or Weds 11/26. (The two Friday lectures make up for skipping these.)

Final: As scheduled, no exceptions: check your schedule now! Bring ID, scantron, two sheets of paper (front and back) with formulae. Red final: Friday Dec 19, 3-6pm. Blue final: Tuesday Dec 16, 3-6pm. The finals will be in our usual classroom.

Cheat?: Don't even think about it!! It is extremely serious. We'll be vigilantly looking for offenders. The consequences will be very severe and unpleasant. Look here for more info. about academic misconduct and the consequences.

Grading: 6 best quizzes =50%, Final=50%.

Helpful / fun things: Physics Tutorial Center       The Mechanical Universe

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Week topic / book chapter Slides / notes
1 Springs (a bit). Fluids (ch 12)  slides      lecture notes      HW1      HWans     quiz1     
2 mechanical waves (ch 15)  old slides      old notes       HW2     HW hints     quiz 2
3 sound and hearing (ch 16)  old slides      old notes      HW 3      HW hints     quiz 3
4 Temp and heat (ch 17), and thermal properties (ch 18)  old slides      old notes       HW     HW answers / hints     quiz4
5 thermo first law (ch 19)  old slides            HW      HW answers / hints     quiz 5
6 thermo 2nd law (ch 20)  old slides            HW      HW answers / hints     quiz 6
7 light (ch 33)  slides            HW     HW answers     quiz 7
8 optics (ch 34)  slides            HW     HW answers     quiz 8
9 optics. (start interference ch 35)  slides            HW          
10 interference and diffraction (ch 35 & 36)  slides            HW     HW answers