Supersymmetry 2008

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234

Online references: Argyres,        Martin        Luty        My '00 class      Peskin

Homework: Weekly HW will be assigned, and will determine the grade (for those taking the course for a letter grade).

lecture topic (and link to notes) Homework
1/8 Introduction             
1/10 SQM (see Argyres).   HW 1 (due Jan 17)           
1/15 superspace             
1/17 Finish SQM             
1/22 4d spinors             
1/24 Spinors, chirality, gauge theories   HW2 (Due Feb 5)           
1/29 Gauge theories, symmetries and anomalies. Standard Model            
1/31 More on Standard Model             
2/5 Effective field theory and weak interactions             
2/7 More on Standard Model             
2/12 Naturalness             
2/14 Naturalness, BSM, susy, GUT             
2/19 More superspace and superfields  HW 3(due Feb. 28)           
2/21 supersymmetric lagrangians for chiral superfields            
2/26 More supersymmetric lagrangians, examples, vacua.             
2/28 Feynman rules, (non)-renormalization            
3/4 More on non-renormalization; soft susy breaking.             
3/7 Susy gauge theories.   HW 4 (due 3/14)