Physics 215b, Quantum Field Theory 2009

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5551

Text: Quantum Field Theory , by Mark Srednicki.

Course Times : TTH 8-9:30am, MYR-A 5623

Homework: Some practice problems will be suggested, but not graded. Other HW problems will be turned in and graded; these will entirely determine course grade.

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lecture# topic (and link to notes) Homework
1/5 Introduction to path integrals          
1/7 Path integrals, continued          
1/8 Path integrals, continued   HW 1 (due Jan. 13)        
1/13 QFT generating functional Z[J]          
1/15 Z[J] and Feynman diagrams          
1/20 Z[J], W[J], Feynman diagrams   HW 2 (Due Jan 27)        
1/22 Z[J], W[J], Feynman diagrams cont.          
1/27 1PI diagrams          
2/3 W[J], Gamma[phi], effective action, loops          
2/5 computing 1-loop diagrams   HW3 (Due Feb. 12)        
2/12 computing loop diagram integrals          
2/13 1-loop ntegrals cont.          
2/20 counterterms and renormalization          
2/27 renormalization schemes and RG          
remaining lectures refer to notes here   HW 4