Physics 4d, Winter 2015

Professor : Ken Intriligator
5234 Mayer Hall
Office Hours: Thursdays 12:30-1:30
Teaching Assistant:
Emily Nardoni email Emily
Sasha Shirman email Sasha


Text: The first part of the class will use Giancolli (optics etc). Then we'll switch to Spacetime Physics for relativity, and TBD for everything else.

Class times Lectures on M, Tu, W, and non-quiz Fridays. Discussion session: Mondays 4:00-5:00, MHA 2623. Problem solving session: Thursdays 5:00-5:50pm, MHA 2623.

Homework: Exercises will be suggested weekly, and some will be graded. Do your exercises: they're essential for learning the material. Don't peek at the answers or just watch someone else do them (it's like watching someone else exercise at the gym); you need to do the exercises yourself.

Quizzes: Jan 16, Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 20, March 6. The best 4 scores count toward your grade. No makeup quizzes can be given. If you have to miss a quiz, it will be your dropped quiz. Bring a pen, bluebook, and one 3 by 5 card formula sheet (front and back). NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

TED: Quiz and final scores, histograms, and grades will be posted on TED. There is no TED website for the class - only this one.

Final: As scheduled, Monday March 16, 11:30-2:30.

Academic Integrity

Grading: 4 best quizzes =40%, graded HW = 10%, Final=50%.

Helpful / fun things: Physics Tutorial Center       The Mechanical Universe

                Feynman Lectures in Physics

Emily's notes on special relativity (very helpful!).

Emily's notes on Lorentz transformations (a bit more advanced in aspects than I covered in our class).

Week topic / book chapter HW, quiz, etc.
1 Lec 1     Lec 2     Lec 3      Lec 4     Visible light (for fun)     color vision (just for fun)            HW 1      HW solns          
2 Lec 5     Lec 6                                 HW 2      Quiz 1     
3 Interference + topics                 HW 3      solutions          
4 diffraction + polarization                           HW 4      HW 4 solutions     quiz 2     
5 Week 5 lectures            HW 5     HW solutions      quiz 3     
6, 7 Lorentz transformations            HW 6     HW solutions      quiz 4           More detailed quiz solutions
8 More spacetime geometry. Frequency / wavenumber 4-vector            HW 7      HW solutions          
9 More 4-vectors, especially energy / momentum            HW 8     solutions     Quiz 5 solutions     
10 Electromagnetism and a bit of GR            HW 10     TW solutions     Giancolli solns