Physics 220, Group Theory 2004

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234

Text: Lie Algebras in Particle Physics (2nd Ed.) , by Howard Georgi. Other recommended texts: Group Theory and its Applications to Physical Problems by Morton Hamermesh; Group Theory and Solid State Physics by Tinkham.

Course Times : Monday 3:30-4:50 and Thursday 12:30-1:50, MH5301.

Homework: Assigned during each lecture; due the following lecture. HW scores will entirely determine course grade.

Week# Topics Homework (and link to solutions)
1 Finite groups, conjugacy classes, representations   HW1 (Due 4/5)        
2 More on reps and irreps of finite groups HW2 (Due 4/19)       
3 Orthogonality, Characters  
4More characters, discrete rotations 
5Point group applications HW3 (Due May 6)
6Continuous groups, generators 
7Lie algebras, SO(3) (or SU(2))  HW4 (Due May 20)
8SU(N) tensor reps. SU(3) in detail. HW5 (Due May 27)
9Roots and weights. 
10Dynkin classification. Examples.  HW6 (Due June 8)