Quantum Field Theory, part 2

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234

Lecture on Weds 3/16, usual time + place.

Course Times : MW 2:00-3:20pm, MYR-A 2623.

Homework: Most of the course grade will be determined by the HW. The final will probably be a take-home problem set (but may be in class, TBD).

My course webpage from last year

lecture# topic (and link to notes) Homework
1/3 Introduction to path integrals   HW 1 (due 1/12)        
1/5 Path integrals in QM, continued          
1/10 Path integrals in QFT          
1/12 Z[J] for interacting QFT   HW 2 (due 1/24)        
1/17 No class, MLK holiday          
1/19 Feynman diagrams cont, W[J]          
1/24 W[J] and connected diagrams          
1/26 Effective action and 1PI diagrams          
1/31 Effective action, loops   HW3 due 2/7        
2/2 (ir)relevant interactions etc          
2/7 dim reg          
2/9 renormalization   HW4 due 2/16        
2/14 renormalization cont.          
2/16 full 2-point function, start LSZ          
2/23 LSZ, optical theorem, start RG          
2/28 Renormalization group          
3/2 Renormalization group cont   HW 5 (Due 3/16)        
3/7 QFT for electrons, photons, etc.          
3/9 QED renormalization.          
3/16 QED cont. A bit on QCD.