Physics 215a, Quantum Field Theory 2009

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234

Here is the final exam take-home problem set.

Text: The recommended text is Quantum Field Theory , by Mark Srednicki, but I will also follow, and highly recommend, the beautiful online notes of Mike Luke (based on Coleman's lectures) and David Tong.

Course Times :MW 3:30-4:50pm, MH 5301

Homework: Some practice problems will be suggested, but not graded. Other HW problems will be turned in and graded; these will entirely determine course grade.

My 215b course webpage from last year

lecture# topic (and link to notes) Homework
9/28 Introduction to field theory          
9/30 Canonical quantization          
10/5 Nother's theorem, green's functions          
10/7 Propagators, Dyson and Wick   HW 1 (due Oct. 14)        
10/12 Dyson's formula and Wick cont.          
10/14 Computing amplitudes          
10/19 Feynman diagrams          
10/21 phase space etc.   HW 2, due Nov. 2        
10/26 phase space, Green functions          
10/28 Green functions          
11/2 Z[J], LSZ          
11/4 LSZ cont.          
11/9 Lorentz group, fermions          
11/11 Fermions, Dirac equation plane waves   HW 3 (due 11/18)        
11/16 Dirac equation, quantization          
11/18 Fermion Feynman rules, calculations          
11/23 Fermion Feynman rules, calculations cont.          
11/30 Spin 1          
12/2 Gauge fields, computing amplitudes