Physics 215b, Quantum Field Theory 2016

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234. Office hours TBD.

Text: The recommended textbook is the nice, new book by Schwarz. There should be copies at the UCSD bookstore. There are also the online notes

  • Sidney Coleman's lectures. Classic videos of Coleman can be found here . A fun article about Sidney Coleman can be found here

  • David Tong's lecture notes Videos can be found here.

    Recommended book for advanced QFT topics Coleman's Aspects of Symmetry

    Course Times :TTh 11:00-12:20pm, MYR-A 5623.

    Homework: It is essential to do your exercises. Many of the assigned problems have solutions that can be found online -- try to resist that, it's cheating both yourself, and it is technically, officially cheating. Working together in groups is fine, and encouraged, as long as everyone is working.

    Grading: Homework: 100%.

    My 215b course webpage from 2011

  • lecture# topic (and link to notes) Homework
    1/5 Path Integrals   HW 1 (Due Jan 12)        
    1/7 Path integrals, continued          
    1/12 QFT path integral and Z[J]          
    1/14 From Z[J] to W[J]   HW2 (due 1/21)        
    1/21 From W[J] to Gamma[phi]          
    1/26 Start to discuss loops          
    1/28 Regulators (and independence)          
    2/1 Dim reg and useful integrals   HW3 (due Feb 9)        
    2/2 Renormalization          
    2/4 Renormalization, continued          
    2/9 More on two-point functions          
    2/11 LSZ, etc          
    2/16 Optical theorem, start RG.          
    2/18 RG, continued   HW 4, due Feb 29        
    2/23 RG, continued. Fermions and gauge fields          
    2/29 Fermions cont.          
    3/1 Gauge fields, cont          
    3/3 Back to QED          
    3/8 QED renormalization cont.          
    3/10 QED renormalization cont.   HW 5 due March 18