Physics 215a, Quantum Field Theory 2015

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234. Office hours TBD.

Question and answer session with Ken, Monday Dec 7, usual time and room.

In class final exam, Tuesday Dec. 8. 11:30am -2:30pm, usual room. Bring one page of formulae (front and back).

Text: The lectures will largely follow these free, online notes:

  • Sidney Coleman's lectures. Classic videos can be found here

  • David Tong's lecture notes Videos can be found here.

    Starting Winter Quarter, I will use the new book by Schwarz, which has gotten many enthusiastic recommendations. Stay posted.

    Recommended book for advanced QFT topics Coleman's Aspects of Symmetry

    Course Times :MW 11:00-12:20pm, MHA 5301.

    Homework: It is essential to do your exercises. Many of the assigned problems have solutions that can be found online -- try to resist that, it's cheating both yourself, and it is technically, officially cheating. Working together in groups is fine, and encouraged, as long as everyone is working.

    Homework: Homework: 50%, final 50%.

    My 215a course webpage from 2012

  • lecture# topic (and link to notes) Homework
    9/28 Introduction to field theory   HW 1 (Due Oct 5)        
    9/30 Fields and Noether's thm.          
    10/5 Field quantization.          
    10/7 Causality and propagator   HW 2 (Due Oct 14)        
    10/12 Feynman propagator cont.          
    10/14 Dyson's formula   HW 3 (Due Oct 21)        
    10/19 Amplitude examples          
    10/21 Amplitude examples, cont.          
    10/26 Amplitudes and Feynman rules          
    10/28 Feynman rules cont   HW 4 (due Nov 4)        
    11/2 Physics from amplitudes          
    11/4 Physics from amplitudes, cont          
    11/9 Some LSZ. Lorentz group.   HW5 (due Nov 12)        
    11/11 Lorentz group and Fermions.          
    11/16 Dirac equation   HW 6, due Nov 25        
    11/23 Fermion field quantization          
    11/25 Fermion Feynman rules          
    11/30 Finish spin 1/2, start spin 1   HW 7 (due Dec 7)        
    12/2 Continue with spin 1