Physics 212a, Quantum Mechanics 2016

Professor: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234. Office hours TBD. Email: keni (at)

TA: Shauna Kravec, Mayer Hall 4226. Office hours Thursday 2-3pm. Email: skravec (at)

Text: Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics (or 2nd edition by Sakurai and Napolitano).

Lecture Times :MW 11:00-12:20pm, MHA 2623.

Discussion :Thurs 6:00-7:00pm, MHA 2623. Shauna's worksheet 1         solutions for worksheet 1         Shauna's worksheet 2        solutions for worksheet 2,         Shauna's worksheet 3        solutions for worksheet 3,         Shauna's worksheet 4        solutions for worksheet 4,         Shauna's worksheet 5

Other recommended resources: Professor McGreevy's lecture notes , Weinberg's Lectures on Quantum Mechanics.

Homework: It is essential to do your exercises. Many of the assigned problems have solutions that can be found online -- try to resist that, it's cheating both yourself, and it is technically, officially cheating. Working together in groups is fine, and encouraged, as long as everyone is working.

Midterm: Weds Nov 2, in class.

Grading: Homework: 25%, Midterm: 25%, final 50%.

lecture# topic (and link to notes) Homework
9/26 Introduction to quantum mechanics   HW 1 (due Oct 10)         solutions
9/28 Introduction: Stern Gerlach and bras and kets          
10/3 more bras and kets, unitary transformations          
10/5 More on measurement, dispersion, uncertainty inequality.          
10/10 x, p.   HW 2 (due 10/21)         solutions
10/12 t, H.          
10/17 t, H examples, SHO.          
10/19 SHO, 3d SHO and decoupled subsystems, probability conservation   HW3 (due Oct 28)         solutions
10/24 Probability flux, cont. linear potential          
10/26 B fields, WKB          
10/31 WKB, cont. Propagators. Path integral.          
11/2 Midterm          
11/7 Path integral.          
11/9 Path integral, cont.   HW 4 (Due Nov 23)         solutions
11/14 Rotations and angular momentum          
11/16 Angular momentum, cont.          
11/21 Spherically symmetric S.E. examples, solutions          
11/23 Coulomb potential cont, addition of angular momentum   HW 5 (due Friday Dec 2)         solutions
11/28 Addition of angular momentum, cont, Wigner Eckart theorem. Etc.          
11/30 Wigner Eckart cont, density matrices, Bell's inequality vs QM