Physics 225, General Relativity 2011

Prof: Ken Intriligator, Mayer Hall 5234.

Take Home Final Exam (3 hour time limit) Due Wednesday 5pm


Text: Gravity (An introduction to Einstein's General Relativity) by Jim Hartle

Other recommended texts: Spacetime and Geometry, by Sean Carroll. A First Course in General Relativity by Bernard Schutz; General Relativity by Robert M. Wald;. Gravitation and Cosmology Gravitation by Steven Weinberg; Gravitation by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler.

Course time and place : MW 12:30-1:50, MYR-A 2623

Homework: There will be several homework sets, and they'll count toward your grade. You can discuss the problems together, but the final thing handed in should represent your own work. Late HW policy: -25% if turned in by following lecture, no credit thereafter. It is essential to do the HW on a timely basis. If you can't make it to lecture, you may put HW under my office door.

Final exam: There will be a final exam (in class or take-home, TBD). It'll count for 25% of your grade, and the HW will count for the other 75%.

My 2004 course webpage

Interesting new NASA announcement on gravity probe B results

Michael Holst's webpage

date Topics (and link to notes) Homework (and link to solutions)
3/28 Introduction   HW 1 (due 4/4)         Solutions
3/30 Lorentz, 4-vectors cont.          
4/4 action, etc, equivalence principle.   HW 2 (due 4/11)       solns
4/6 equivalence principle, clock rates          
4/11 spacetime geometry          
4/13 metrics, (dual) vectors   HW 3 (due 4/25)         solns
4/18 (dual) vectors etc cont,          
4/20 geodesics          
4/25 geodesics in schwarzschild metric          
4/27 geodesics in schwarzschild metric cont          
5/2 geodesics cont          
5/4 geodesics, PPN, start black holes          
5/9 black holes   HW 4, due May 18.        
5/11 more black holes          
5/16 Covariant derivatives of tensors          
5/18 Curvature, geodesic deviation          
5/23 Einstein's equations          
5/25 Einstein's equations and Schwarzschild solution   HW 5 (Due June 1)        
5/30 Memorial Day, no class          
6/1 Gravity waves, Cosmology.